The Flake legacy and tradition of
excellence continues with
Flake & Company

Generations of Commercial Real Estate Since 1932

Who We Are

Flake & Company is dedicated to a commercial real estate investment process which has been proven for three generations of commercial real estate. Since 1932, the Flake name has served Arkansas’s real estate needs. Generations beginning with Charles Leon Flake, have built the foundation and reputation in the commercial real estate business. Our team member incentives are aligned with our investor clients, so that we have the highest levels of loyalty and care.

How We Are Different

Our firm is special in that we allow our team members to create their own diversified real estate portfolios as an incentive to further understand the business and be more robust in working with clients.

Our Intention

The intention of the firm is our people are first. When our team best understands investments with "skin in the game" they can better serve client needs. Our team members are allowed to be less focused closing any transaction at hand, as they are allowed to build their own retirement.

Our firm follows the prudent and cautious investment analysis of the name "Flake," which is why we have multiple generations of commercial real estate.

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Our Services

  • Brokerage and Leasing
  • Retail Representation
  • Tenant Representation
  • Landlord Representation
  • Investment Sales
  • Property Management
  • Consulting Services
  • Development Management